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FHM India - India's most talked about men's magazine as well as the world's largest men's lifestyle magazine which boasts of a strong, socially relevant, irreverent editorial. A magazine featuring edgy, fast paced writing; with tips and tricks and everything else a new man needs. It showcases reviews and previews of Video Games, Gadgets, Cars, Nightlife, Sports, Food, Alcohol, Cinema and Music. The magazine is not only known for its photo shoots with female celebrities but it also ensures strong and varied feature articles. 

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Look around, and apart from the huge crowds of people dumping buckets of ice/water/rice, there are even some viral videos of Palestinians in Gaza Strip dumping buckets of debris over their heads to draw attention to their plight, not much else happened in August. Sure there was the standard issue Independence Day driven patriotic fervour, Indian team getting the stuffing knocked out of them, a shortage of Pistachios which might impact Nutella production and Angel Di Maria joining Man U. But, what else?
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