Savvy - August 2015


Celebrity, Women's Interest
Magazine Description
Always featuring women of substance, Savvy remains the intelligent woman's top reading choice month after month, featuring real stories of survival & success, grit & glamour!

Issue Description
The soulful queen of sufi, Harshdeep Kaur, takes center stage on the August 2015 issue of ‘SAVVY’. Tune in as she opens up about her musical saga, Bollywood trysts, marriage and more.
Plus: Celebrate the 68th Anniversary of India’s Independence Day with our ‘Freedom Special’ that raises a toast to the daughters of bigwig dads who are stepping up in their family businesses. Find out the secret to actress Anushka Sharma’s glowing skin and learn how the divas of Hollywood stay in-shape. Get hosting tips from the effervescent Zarine Sanjay Khan. …And much more with ‘SAVVY’!
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2015 Believe Collector's Issue

2015 Believe Collector's Issue
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