Business Today - February 28, 2016


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Magazine Description
BUSINESS TODAY, is the largest-circulated business fortnightly in India. It is the best report of the business topography of the newly liberalised India. As the wave of change sweeps business, economy and society like never before, BUSINESS TODAY has ensured that its readers have all the necessary upgrades to challenge tomorrow. It takes its readers deeper to give a complete understanding of the world of business.

Ever since its inception in 1992, it has set one benchmark after another in business reporting. It was the first to do serious reporting on management theories. And then again, it is the first to bring a whole new genre of business journalism more upclose and more incisive. Today, BUSINESS TODAY commands the highest circulation and readership among all business magazines in India.

Issue Description
Highlights of Business Today 28th February, 2016, issue: The latest issue of Business Today brings to you a special pre-budget coverage on the sectors to be in focus in the upcoming Union Budget. The cover story of February 28 issue gives a detailed report on the many worries of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and what he can do to solve them.

Read more on how the RSS has been influencing the government’s economic policies and what it expects from the upcoming Budget in Saffronomics.

In Taxman At The Door find out how an ignorant yet aggressive tax system has e-commerce companies looking for succour.

The latest issue of your favourite magazine also brings to you a reality check on how long will it take for the government to phase out corporate tax exemptions in The Shoe Is Pinching.

All major automakers, from global giants to Indian poster boys, showcased a host of trendy yet environment-friendly options for the Indian roads at the Auto Expo. Find out more in Wheels of the Future.

All this and much more, including a special feature on the growing trend of pre-fabricated homes, which are quicker to build than conventional ones, and Entertainment on the Go in the February 28 issue of the magazine. So, subscribe now!

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