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BUSINESS TODAY, is the largest-circulated business fortnightly in India. It is the best report of the business topography of the newly liberalised India. As the wave of change sweeps business, economy and society like never before, BUSINESS TODAY has ensured that its readers have all the necessary upgrades to challenge tomorrow. It takes its readers deeper to give a complete understanding of the world of business.

Ever since its inception in 1992, it has set one benchmark after another in business reporting. It was the first to do serious reporting on management theories. And then again, it is the first to bring a whole new genre of business journalism more upclose and more incisive. Today, BUSINESS TODAY commands the highest circulation and readership among all business magazines in India.

Issue Description
Highlights of Business Today 8th May, 2016, issue: The latest issue of Business Today carries a cover story on Tata Steel UK sale. Nine years ago, Tata Group shelled out $12 billion to pick up Corus – its biggest purchase till date. Now it is exiting at a huge loss. Find out what went wrong in Trophy Buy, Distress Sale.

Even as the Panama Papers bring the issue of black money to the fore, it is not easy to establish the guilt of people named in such leaks. Read more about this in Lost in Translation.

The scale of stressed loans in private and foreign banks surprises many, though they have been more open and clinical in tackling the problem. Read more in No Private Matter.

First a three-month ban, now a 30 per cent environment cess on diesel cars. Can the auto industry steer past the roadblocks? Find out more in Diesel Dilemma.

The recent FDI guidelines entail that Indian e-commerce companies think beyond deep discounts to lure consumers to shop online. Read more in Time to Reinvent.

All this and much more in the May 8, 2016 issue of Business Today. So buy now!
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