Food Lovers - Winter 2014


Magazine Description
Food Lovers’ is India’s finest food magazine dedicated to a celebration of food, wine and everything connected to the world of fine dining and gastronomy.

A magazine created specifically for those who like to delve deep and indulge in their passion for food, wine and gastronomy.

Though this magazine is created for the discerning reader, it has enough and more to embrace the thousands of aspiring connoisseurs who are exploring food like never before. Thanks to the opening of noteworthy restaurants, particularly in the freestanding space, the availability of quality wines, including some commendable domestic labels, and the awareness of it all, heightened greatly by media.

We live in exciting culinary times, and Food Lovers hopes to be at the forefront of this movement with this magazine.

Each and every article in Food Lovers – restaurant reviews, wine notes, food and wine pairings, recipes, gourmet trails, essays, interviews and more – is carefully curated and pieced together. Making this issue and every subsequent one that follows a keepsake.

Issue Description
Our cover feature explores a new wave in dining. The restaurant world today is no longer dominated by highbrow fine dining, as was the case until even a few years ago. Restaurants today offer an atmosphere and service format that’s relaxed and easy. But the one aspect where the approach is anything but casual is the food, that’s deadpan serious. We talk to four restaurateurs who are the top of their game and are redefining the eating out scene in India. Spotlight features Rahul Akerkar, the man who many consider as the pioneer of quality dining in the freestanding restaurant space in the country.

Geeta Doctor showcases The Bangala Table, a celebration of the legendary hospitality of the Nattukottai Chettiars of Tamil Nadu, and also the emergence of ‘Brand Chettinad’. In Regional, Kainaz Contractor reminisces childhood meals and wedding fare whilst delving deep into Parsi cuisine. Kaveri Ponnapa makes a case for revisiting the simple, culinary pleasures that may just be in your neighbourhood, in Musings.

Food & Wine explores hearty Italian fare with Indian wines. Whilst in Wine Notes, our tasting panel picks out a selection of accessible Sauvignon Blancs and Cabernet Sauvignons for you to savour. Elsewhere Magandeep Singh speaks of the inescapable but much-debated concept of Terroir.

In Last Orders, catch my conversation with Chef Vikramjit Roy about his attempt to showcase Asian cuisine in a new culinary light. We have a new fold-out column, Twist; for this issue, Chef Kunal Kumar puts a delightful spin on four classic French desserts. And speaking of chefs, don’t miss Gautam Krishnankutty’s witty take on What Chefs Really Eat!

There’s plenty more in the magazine. Keep those letters coming.

Wish you a wonderful festive season!

Bon Appétit!

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