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Magazine Description
Food Lovers’ is India’s finest food magazine dedicated to a celebration of food, wine and everything connected to the world of fine dining and gastronomy.

A magazine created specifically for those who like to delve deep and indulge in their passion for food, wine and gastronomy.

Though this magazine is created for the discerning reader, it has enough and more to embrace the thousands of aspiring connoisseurs who are exploring food like never before. Thanks to the opening of noteworthy restaurants, particularly in the freestanding space, the availability of quality wines, including some commendable domestic labels, and the awareness of it all, heightened greatly by media.

We live in exciting culinary times, and Food Lovers hopes to be at the forefront of this movement with this magazine.

Each and every article in Food Lovers – restaurant reviews, wine notes, food and wine pairings, recipes, gourmet trails, essays, interviews and more – is carefully curated and pieced together. Making this issue and every subsequent one that follows a keepsake.

Issue Description
The world of restauranting is a tough one. Glamorous and easy it may seem on the outside, but the grim realities of the food and beverage business, especially in the freestanding space, can bring the toughest men and women down to their knees.

Before this editorial makes it seem like all is doom and gloom in the F&B business, and to clarify, that’s not the point being made, I seek inspiration from the shining beacons that have emblazoned their culinary mark in the restauranting space with commercial success and aplomb. In this issue, we feature two such stories. One, a family-run bakery born of dreams and heartbreak, is now a chain synonymous with formidable quality. The other, a carefully engineered formula whose design and scale were detailed at inception, backed by experience, where success seemed only inevitable. Read about Theobroma and Monkey Bar in Spotlight.

In the same vein, Twist features Ebony, a Bangalore restaurant that has held fort for 22 years, evolving and keeping themselves relevant to their diners. An Indian Reincarnation delves into what it’s taken them to bring the best of Indian culinary traditions to the table.

There’s plenty more of the good stuff you’ve come to expect with Food Lovers over the years. Food & Wine pairs robust Western Barbecue cuisine at Blue Terrain with the choicest Indian wines; and in Wine Notes, we present a bouquet of fantastic Rosés. Elsewhere, read my account of the World Gourmet Summit 2015 from my travels to Singapore, representing Food Lovers as the summit’s exclusive Indian media partner.

Last but not least, Karavalli, the iconic South-West coastal cuisine restaurant completed 25 years this summer. While there have been many who have contributed to this restaurant’s glory, one person has stood steadfast with the brand for nearly a quarter of a century; read my interview with Chef Naren Thimmaiah in Last Orders.
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