Maharashtra Unlimited - Issue 2 - 2015


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Magazine Description
Through 'Maharashtra Unlimited' we hope to take our readers on a journey of discovery across the various forts and beaches, forests, caves and temples, and finally arts and festivals that make the culture of Maharashtra so distinct. Our aim is to showcase the wealth of natural beauty and history, to uncover the hidden treasures of the state. With Maharashtra being home to 1200 caves (i.e. 80 percent of the caves of India), 720 kilometres of a coastline and over 400 forts, there is plenty to read about in each issue.

Far beyond ordinary tourist magazines, every issue of 'Maharashtra Unlimited' features articles by well-known scholars and archaeologists, highlighting treasures like the ancient rock-cut caves of Karla, the temples of Solapur or traditional literature, arts and crafts like 'Tambat' and much more.

Discover more about 'the Great State' with 'Maharashtra Unlimited'!

Issue Description
This issue of ‘Maharashtra Unlimited’ puts Nashik in the limelight, and celebrates the Kumbh Mela, possibly the greatest human gathering in the world. Just 170 kilometers from Mumbai, Nashik is located on the banks of the mighty river Godavari which originates near the city. It is here on the banks of the Godavari, that early settlers had their homes, temples and traditional businesses. In the old city, you will find several ancient temples which are architectural wonders with their beautiful carvings, charming weekly markets, quaint shops selling intricately crafted, exquisite artefacts made out of silver, copper and brass. Homes in the old city date back to bygone times with carved wooden designs in their doors, walls and balconies. All around the city, one can go hiking in the Sahyadris, visit gently rolling vineyards, ancient temples, Buddhist and Jain caves among others.

A city that has evolved with the times and its people - embracing the cultures, arts and traditions of the various people that settled here, Nashik today has a perfect combination of the old, coexisting with the new: a city of temples & traditions that is now also known for its wine tourism, technical prowess and vibrant people, captured for you in the latest edition of ‘Maharashtra Unlimited’.

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