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Heritage India - Vol 5 Issue 4

Publisher: Heritage India Communications
Category: Travel, Education
Language: English, India
Frequency : Quarterly
Magazine Description:

'Heritage India' is a quarterly magazine exclusively on Indian history, culture and civilization. From the heights of Ladakh to the depths of Lakshadweep, each issue is a journey across the sub-continent. 'Heritage India' contains exclusive features by eminent archaeologists and historians, welding together academic research and scholarship with stunning photographs, taking our readers through the centuries. We invite you to uncover the ruins of ancient Nagarjunakonda, or decipher the mysterious Kushan coins or simply sit back and admire the magnificent Gir lions! Every issue carries articles on diverse topics ranging from traditional arts like puppetry, and crafts like weaving Kanjeevaram saris to the architecture of Goa. India's first magazine dedicated solely to heritage and culture, is a platform bringing together articles on tangible and intangible heritage, scholars, experts in ancient culture, archaeologists and history enthusiasts. More than just a magazine, Heritage India is a slice of India itself, a quarterly keepsake.

Issue Description:

Our final issue of this year takes you on a walk through the historical city of Ahmedabad. Read about the spirituality of the Dewa Sharif and the Harappan ruins of Kotada-Bhadli. Bharatpur with its stunning birds, beckons to all nature lovers and for foodies, we sample winter specialities. Read about what makes the coins of Mughal emperor Jahangir so unique, and the beautiful block printing technique of Saudagiri and celebrate Naga Panchami . With articles on Bengali literature, the Tamil script, palm leaf manuscripts, the harmonium etc. Heritage India brings you the best of the sub-continent!

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