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Lifestyle, Technology
Magazine Description
Where tech meets lifestyle are two words aptly defining us, In our Quest to get our readers everything that matters from the world of tech be it Reviews, Analysis, Start ups, Features, Photography, Apps , cars, men and their women. We have them all sorted and curated for you to get your monthly fix.

Issue Description
Antiquity of Technology - We take you back to the ancient past, bringing you all the work of Technology, to how it started. If you dig old school, then this will strike you by surprise. Beware as Antiquity of Technology will give you a roller coast ride by taking you back in time.

When clock strikes 11 - Checkout all the coolest stuffs that have been produced and all the innovations created at the 11th hour, 11th minute, 11th day and on the 11th month. Take a sneak peek as the number 11 will give you goose bumps.

Top 50 tech-Words in our daily vocabs - Discover 50 new tech words that will revamp your vocabulary to inculcate a new language tech. Hit the streets with geeks so you don’t feel like a noob in front of them.

11 coolest classic cars to be seen in - Explore 11 cars that will redefine your looks. Go behind the wheels of these 11 classy cars that will make you look cooler and stand out from the crowd. Find out why these automobiles will give the audience a jaw dropping expression

11 tech commandments - A tech savvy guy should follow these commandments and preserve it till the end of time. It’s a guide for every geek to follow

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