VOGUE India - February 2016


Fashion, Women's Interest
Magazine Description
Before it's in fashion, it's in Vogue. Everything you need to know about fashion, trends, beauty, people and lifestyle, VOGUE India is your ultimate style guide. In these pages you’ll find the hottest, newest and latest from the world of fashion and beyond, both in India and from across the world, making it the must-have accessory for the modern, fashionable Indian woman.

Issue Description
BHUMIKA ARORA - The girl from Karnal storming the international runways.

Vogue ’s ultimate make-up manual.

EXCLUSIVE - Jhumpa Lahirı on her new book, a new language and a new land.

Travel like a Local - We take you on 10 extraordinary journeys.

- 20 pieces to take you through summer
- The best budget buys for work-wear
- The new rules of colour-blocking.
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Miss Vogue India 2015

Miss Vogue India 2015
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