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Magazine Description
The number of diabetics in India has crossed the 50 million mark!
History tells us that humanity’s battles against disease have been decisively won only with adequate knowledge and awareness among the people. Diabetes Health, a bi-monthly magazine published by the Chellaram Foundation, is an initiative in this direction. It is a step focused in the direction of education and awareness. In every issue we hope to deal with topics relevant to diabetes, in the context of modern Indian life.

Issue Description
Our fifth anniversary issue focuses on ‘Choose wisely and live well’ and offers 10 Diabetic friendly recipes that are sure to assuage your palate. The ease of the recipes, nutritional benefits and the taste are sure to make you smile. So go ahead and try these recipes today! Also in this issue:

• Fasting and Diabetes - The special care you need to take
• Foot care – Why taking care of the feet is crucial
• Jamun – The goodness of this summer fruit, especially in people with Diabetes
• Quiz, cartoon, answers to readers' queries, Diabetes news and a lot more…

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