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Diabetes Health - August - September 2016

Publisher: Chellaram Foundation
Category: Health, Lifestyle
Language: English, India
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
Magazine Description:

The number of diabetics in India has crossed the 50 million mark! History tells us that humanity’s battles against disease have been decisively won only with adequate knowledge and awareness among the people. Diabetes Health, a bi-monthly magazine published by the Chellaram Foundation, is an initiative in this direction. It is a step focused in the direction of education and awareness. In every issue we hope to deal with topics relevant to diabetes, in the context of modern Indian life.

Issue Description:

Our cover story on ‘Unravelling 12 Diabetes secrets” helps you assess and understand how well you know Diabetes. Read on to find out the latest medications, how frequently blood glucose levels should be monitored, principles of a diabetic diet, exercises that are helpful and much more. Take a quick quiz to see how you fare and encourage your friends and family to better understand and manage Diabetes. Also in this issue: • Vitamin D – the much needed sunshine vitamin • Insulin glargine – what you need to know about this drug • Fenugreek (methi) – the goodness of this bitter plant • Yoga – How it improves your quality of life • Quiz, answers to readers' queries, Diabetes news and a lots more …

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