Arts Illustrated - Oct - Nov 2013


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Art, Photography
Magazine Description
Arts Illustrated (AI) is a pan-India based arts and design magazine with a keen focus to create a more inclusive ecosystem for the arts. Our ethos -inspire, evoke, enrich and engage our readers.

Issue Description
Issue 3 explores the fascinating realm of colour. It looks at how art, culture and myth have layered its composition. The magazine features eminent writers such as Geeti Sen, who pays her tribute to Ganesh Pyne in her maiden column with us. Tanya Mendonsa weaves her passion for poetry with another stunning column in 'Shadows of the Soul' and re-introduces us to Leonard Cohen. Chris Laverty reviews the movie Stoker and takes us through the hidden metaphors which costumes can infuse into storytelling. The issue also has the privilege of a guest writer and illustrious painter Anjolie Ela Menon as she talks of her visit to the United Art Fair 2013.

Yan Morvan, The Renegade Lensman: A pioneer in French photo-
journalism and a man who has cheated death more times than
he can count.

Burning Man : An event you must witness in your lifetime.

Delhi Photo Festival 2013 : By Saba Sinha.

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