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Tinkle Digest is committed to bringing children the funniest and the most thrilling stories. Filled with the most recognizable Indian comic characters, from Suppandi to Shikari Shambu, from Kalia the Crow to the Defective Detectives, Tinkle Digest also features new work by some of India's most exciting writers and artists for children. And that's not all! Each issue comes with loads of knowledge pages, facts and value education. The perfect size to read anywhere, Tinkle Digest will never disappoint.

Issue Description
Hi friends!
Have you ever wondered where the term ‘mad scientist’ comes from?
It is said that the first mad scientist figure was created by writer Mary
Shelley in her 1818 novel Frankenstein. In the novel, a scientist
named Victor Frankenstein conducts secret experiments and brings a
‘monster’, that he created from the body parts of other people, to life!
The figure of an eccentric person with bizarre ideas and weird
inventions, both heroic and villainous, is so popular that I am sure you
have seen them in several comics, cartoons and movies.
And now, with a little help from us, even you can
become a mad scientist! Here’s how:
First, give yourself a mad scientist name with any one
of these prefixes: Dr, Prof, Ms or Mr.
E.g. Dr Evilantennae.
Next, give yourself a quirk. It could be twitching eyebrows, a squinting
left eye or a funny walk.
Now create a mad invention. Try to be as bizarre as possible!
E.g. Flesh-eating postboxes
And now for the final touch. Think of a mad scientist evil plot!
E.g. ‘Hold the city at ransom with flesh-eating postboxes!’
Ta-da! You are now a mad scientist!
Have a Super Science September!
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