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Tinkle Digest is committed to bringing children the funniest and the most thrilling stories. Filled with the most recognizable Indian comic characters, from Suppandi to Shikari Shambu, from Kalia the Crow to the Defective Detectives, Tinkle Digest also features new work by some of India's most exciting writers and artists for children. And that's not all! Each issue comes with loads of knowledge pages, facts and value education. The perfect size to read anywhere, Tinkle Digest will never disappoint.

Issue Description
Happy New Year!
2014 has gone by so fast, and already we're in 2015! Did you make the
most of the last year? Did you cherish the ups and the downs? If not,
here's a way to look forward to every day in 2015-
On a piece of paper, make three columns:
1. Awesome things
2. Horrible things (and stuff that made me angry)
3. Things I could've done better
Under ‘Awesome things’, put down things that made you
happy-things like, your mom giving you extra pocket money, or
getting a B+ on your surprise test, even though you didn't prepare. At
first, you may not find things to put down, but once you start writing,
you'll find that there are more and more things to write about. You
might even need an extra page!
Filling up the ‘Horrible things’ column is the easiest because nasty
things tend to stick with us longer than happy things. But once you put
them down, you will stop thinking about them. You may include stuff
like 'Dad shouted at me for no reason' or 'Didn't make it to school on
time despite waking up early'.
Now for the toughest column—‘Things I could've done better’. It’s not
about anything special but the daily stuff that you could have done
in a better way. For example, I remember a time when I bullied my
younger sister into giving me her toys. Later, I felt sorry and
apologized for my mean behaviour. We spent the rest of the
evening sharing the toys and that felt much better than
playing alone!
At the end of the week, you will see the amazing experiences
you've had—both good and bad. Reading some of the
awesome stuff you might have forgotten will make you smile.
The ‘Things I could've done better’ column will have you beaming
with pride, because there is nothing braver than owning up to your own
errors. As for the Horrible stuff, it won't seem so horrible anymore!
So here's my first entry to the ‘Awesome things’ column: the first
Tinkle Digest issue of 2015! Our theme this month is 'Into the Future'.

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