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Tinkle Digest is committed to bringing children the funniest and the most thrilling stories. Filled with the most recognizable Indian comic characters, from Suppandi to Shikari Shambu, from Kalia the Crow to the Defective Detectives, Tinkle Digest also features new work by some of India's most exciting writers and artists for children. And that's not all! Each issue comes with loads of knowledge pages, facts and value education. The perfect size to read anywhere, Tinkle Digest will never disappoint.

Issue Description
Dear reader, We at Tinkle Digest are always looking for new ways to entertain you, make you laugh and fill you with wonder about the world. In the past few months, we have celebrated April Fools’ Day (April), World U.F.O. Day (July), and of course, the festive season (October). But with this issue, we are celebrating someone who is very close to our hearts, and is the very reason for our existence—YOU! That’s right, young reader. We are celebrating Children’s Day, and that means a brand new set of stories, jokes, facts and activities that are all about you, and the hundreds of children like you that make our country proud. As you flip through this issue, you will come across stories of mayhem, madness and rollicking fun. You will meet real-life heroes and read inspiring tales of bravery and kindness from the most unexpected corners. And when you’re done with those, you can join Shambu, Suppandi and Tantri as they take you along on adventures, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. And here’s a fun fact for you: Children’s Day is also our birthday, and that makes it a month for double celebration! Read all about how Tinkle was born, and also about our beloved founder, in ‘Uncle Pai: A Slice of Life’.November will also bring us the festival of Thanksgiving, where we must be grateful to everyone who has helped us in our endeavors. So on that note, I’d like to thank the entire Tinkle team for their relentless effort in making Tinkle Digest an awesome magazine. I would also like to thank you, dear reader, for your unflinching support year after year. Because of you, Tinkle Digest has now reached issue 275! We hope that you will continue to let us be a part of your lives for many more years to come.
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