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BW I BUSINESSWORLD is the largest selling and the highest circulated business magazine in the country. The core values of the magazine are rigorous and unbiased reporting, a laser-focus on trends and issues that will impact your business and life. Magazine is divided into three sections: Front of the book, Well of the magazine and Afterhours. Front of the magazine carries The Jottings section distils the essence and long-term implications of new rules, regulations, policies and corporate developments. It is a snapshot and a review of all the important things you need to keep in mind while planning your strategies. Well of the magazine contains the big in-depth stories and interviews, that focuses on the key business trends and issues that govern your future, or help you navigate the present better. Whereas, After Hours covers your life beyond the office and help make you a well-rounded executive. BW l BUSINESSWORLD is a fortnightly. The magazine is priced at Rs 40.

Issue Description
Page 50- Banks' Capital Concern - Basel-III calls for tonnes of capital to fuel state-run banks, but not all of it can come from the Centre given the state of fisc. While a few good ones will be able to tap the bourses, many will not as the valuations are poor. The time for tough decisions is now

Page 62- Nailing The Call Drop Lie - The government has promised to get tough with telcos. But will the consumers get a better deal in the blame game scenario?

Page 72- No Turning Back - Trouble seems to tail Uber all over the world, but it drives on regardless. And never mind the potholes

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