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Art, Culture
Magazine Description
Welcome to the new International Art Magazine,
Bringing you inside the global art world with more access and insight to the people, places and events that shape our industry.
With deeper focus on auctions, art fairs and exhibitions from all over the world, interviews with the new emerging artists and coverage of the most updated and neat fashion&art; collaborations.
New style, New content, New International Art Magazine.
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Issue Description
In this month's issue we bring you inside the global contemporary art world with Special interviews of leading artists such as Antony Micallef about his new exhibition ' Raw intent' and Israeli Artist Eran Shakine about his Solo exhibition in Tel Aviv. We give you access and insight to the auctions&art; events around the world, from auction results at Sotheby's and Christie's, to a special article about the Fakes in the Antiques Market By Miguel Bermudez, We also feature excellent emerging and established artists and give a young, updated coverage of the art field in our times. You can also find here special tips for making your art successful, so we hope you use it well! Enjoy!
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