GameOn Magazine - Issue 76 - January 2016


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Computer & Mobile, Entertainment
Magazine Description
GameOn Magazine is a video game magazine that focuses on everything gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Products and PC.

Issue Description
Welcome to issue #76 of the GameOn Magazine!
The firework season is out of the way, so we’re out of excuses to cuddle with our Pokémon plushies We’ve got a packed issue to start the new year, and heading the charge are a whole bunch of articles. Improve your game of Rocket League with James’s third entry into his series, Alex laments the addictiveness of Football Manager, Dom talks Star Wars and C Z Hazard explains his love of retro. There are six others, but I’m saving column inches here! With the recent release of ARK: Survival Evolved to the Xbox One Preview program, we sat down with the senior designer Kayd Hendrick to ask him questions about dinosaurs. And the game, of course.
With the recent release of some big titles into beta stages or Steam’s Early Access program, we have five previews! Matt teamed up for a go of Squad, Alex customised Black Desert Online, Miguel went medieval in Albion Online, and Tom went cyberpunk with Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: First Assault Online! Yes, three online games with online in the name! With the year having just begun, we don’t have a ton of AAA titles yet, but we’ve been hard at work with a bunch of reviews nonetheless! Cat swum the Rivers of Alice, Ian went into space for some Conflicks, Ben got to the ROOT of his problems and Gary Just Dance(ed) 2016. Alex became a city planner of the future in Anno 2205, Christian went Euro Fishing and I returned to
Sword Art Online (the franchise, not the game… Capping it all off with Rainbow Six: Siege, which VodKa still won’t stop talking about or playing, we hope you will agree that this is a nicely sized issue, and only a sign of things to come with throughout 2016.

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