GameOn Magazine - Issue 70 - July 2015


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Magazine Description
GameOn Magazine is a video game magazine that focuses on everything gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Products and PC.

Issue Description
Welcome to #70 of the GameOn Magazine! We are the night this month, as Batman: Arkham Knight has released, and the GameOn offices do sometimes feel like an asylum. To celebrate, you might notice a few more Batman articles than usual.
The big thing, however, was E3 which happened last month just after we went to press. You can find out about everything within these pages! We have overviews from all of the main publisher events, and even some previews nestled away within these pages.
Our articles this month include Socrates talking about Japanese consoles, Miguel telling us about his experience playing an F2P title, and Andrew having had enough of playing as idiots. Dom has also almost broken his keyboard with the amount of writing he’s done about Batman.
Speaking of, did we mention Batman: Arkham Knight? It may have had a lackluster PC release, with sales halted merely two days post-launch due to issues, but at least it was multiplatform! And to celebrate the job that Rocksteady did for console, rather than the job the third-party developer did on PC, we have a bunch of pages dedicated to the trilogy!
Amongst our reviews, we have Christian on the kill-’em-up Hatred, Ben playing some 3D MiniGolf and Andrew getting his teeth around Godzilla.
Fort Meow makes Ben hide behind the sofa, Dom gets rubber burn from MotoGP 15 and can you guess what our big one is? Right, Andrew played with Batman’s utility belt in Arkham Knight!

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