GameOn Magazine - Issue 79 - May 2016


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Computer & Mobile, Entertainment
Magazine Description
GameOn Magazine is a video game magazine that focuses on everything gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Products and PC.

Issue Description
Welcome to issue #79 of the GameOn Magazine!
As I sit here drinking from a cup with a certain
chocolate brand’s logo emblazoned upon it,
obtained free with a chocolate egg, I’ve seen three
different kinds of weather out of the windows
of GameGrin Towers. That means it’s April!
This month, Ben writers about what to play whilst
ill as well as why you need to play Bleed. Alex talks
about the recent “Buttgate” controversy, whilst Anna
talks about Assassin’s Creed and Dom tells us why
he’s addicted to The Division. There are a few more,
as well as the well-received ongoing journey towards
becoming a Onebro which Tom is undertaking.
Speaking of a few, we went a little overboard with
interviews this month! Not only do we have one from
Dex, of the Early Access space title Sirius Online,
but we also sat down with two of the Game Swing
team to talk about Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure!
And as if that wasn’t enough, we talked to the
director of the upcoming Wailing Heights, too!
On the subject of upcoming titles, our previews include
Dig or Die and Battlefleet Gothic: Armada from Alex,
VodKaVK covered Dark Souls III and Table Top Racing:
World Tour, and Thomas wrote about Overfall. But
that’s not all, with Matt having played Forsaken Fortress
Strategy, Christian on the first part of Elite Dangerous:
Horizons and Calum covered the DOOM beta!
“So with all those interviews and previews, you
skimped on reviews right?” - Wrong! We have
almost 30 of them! If you noticed the space-related
items in our interviews and previews, don’t fret as
we have Evochron Legacy from Alex. Also related
to our interviews, we have Dom on Stikbold!, and
staying on Earth we have Steven reviewing DiRT
Rally, and Thomas with Race.a.bit and Senran Kagura
Estival Versus. Emsey confronted her fears with
SimplePlanes and TheSphericalCat confronted his fear
of disappointment with E.T.Armies.

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