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Gulf Connoisseur is the leading luxury lifestyle bi-monthly magazine in UAE since 2003. It has an exclusive English,Russian and a quarterly Qatar Edition.
It is targeted for the residents and tourists of UAE and Qatar in particular.
For the latest in luxury news, you will surely have an enriching experience reading our magazine

Issue Description
As the summer season sets in, the luxury world has been abuzz with a lot of events lately. Baselworld had a lot of impressive collections from the top watch and jewellery brands this year. A particularly striking piece was MB&F’s Melchior, which looks like it has been picked right from the sets of a Hollywood sci fi movie set. Some of the designs of the new collections from Chopard and Bulgari were intriguing and adventurous.
Art Dubai also made a lot of headlines with one of the works of Kāveh Golestān, an Iranian artist and photojournalist, killed by a land-mine in 2003, while covering the Iraq War for BBC.
In the world of automobiles, we take a look at the latest offering in Audi’s TT segment. The TT remains the perfect mix of being compact, bold and sporty at the same time. Cadillac’s all new CT6 is more refined and sporty than its previous models and will surely be one of the top contenders in the luxury sedan market.
In the hospitality industry, we take a look at the brand new Four Seasons property in Jumeirah, which is ideal for tourists and business travellers with its close proximity to DIFC and Dubai’s hallmark malls.
In art, we look at the exquisite works of the modern day creative genius, Jay Feinberg, who displays his latest Bloomsbury collection, with pieces that range from artefacts to tableware, all of which revolve around beautiful orchid motifs.
Right from horological robots to speedy sedans, the luxury world flaunts both the positive and creative to keep you engrossed.

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